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We at Optilon believe that supply chain processes
are extremely important in a results-oriented business

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Who We Are

Our passion is to help you ask the right questions on how to improve your supply chain.

We deliver proven results by combining your knowledge with our experience and solutions. That’s why we independently select superior technology that leverages our competence to support you, and provide our services in all Nordic languages.

Our ambition is to have you as a reference customer within six months from go-live.

Quick facts about Optilon


More than 1000 projects

75% of the largest Nordic companies within our business areas cooperates with Optilon.


Our goal is to have you as a reference customer within six months from go-live.

Upcoming Events

Supply Chain Conference 2016

Welcome to this year's Supply Chain Conference - Supply Chains of Tomorrow, 7-8 September with speakers from Starship Technolgies, The Absolut Company, Harley Davidson and more. A limited number of seats, register today!

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Optimizing Supply Chains

Optilon’s mission is to be an independent provider of the very best applications and solutions in Supply Chain Optimization. Are you interested in knowing more about us, what we do and what makes our offer unique on the market, please watch our video “Optilon – Optimizing Supply Chains” below.